Frequently asked questions


We take a commission, which is a percentage of every order placed.
There is no subscription fee at this time. We are running a promotion that will allow you to use and familiarize yourself with all the BookDinner features for free. Eventually we will be offering tiered subscriptions that will have a range of funcationalities for each subscription plan.
You need to complete your entire profile fully before we approve and display you to potential customers.
Yes. Once you create an account as a chef, caterer, or restaurant click on the BookDinner Tutorial Video. If you still have questions feel free to call or email us.
No. You can elect to offer only pickup services.
No. You just have to love to cook and cook well. We can work with you and tell you what cerfications would be good to have as you increase your cliental. Users will be able to see what cerfications and credentials you have.
A chef or caterer will click the completion request button in their profile once the order is complete. The customer has 24hrs to dispute or raise issues with the service. After th 24hrs they payment is then processed and it could take another 1-3 days for the chef or caterer to recieve the funds in their account. In certiain cases, if the customer acknowledges the order is complete as soon as the order is completed the funds can be released faster. In the case of a restaurant, funds are released on a periodic basis agreed on between BookDinner and the restaurant.
When a customer places and order to a chef or caterer, the chef or caterer receives the order and has the option to accept or reject the order. If they accept the order then the customer receives and email notifcation that the order has been accepted and they can make the payment. The paymen is held by BookDinner until the chef or caterer has fulfilled the order. As a restaurant, when an order is placed, the order and payment is automatically accepted and the restaurant is responsible to fulfill the order.
Yes. There are customers who do not have a website and use their page on BookDinner as their website.

Still have more questions? Contact Us or by phone at 1-888-255-0055