Chashu Pork Steamed Bao Recipe

Chashu Pork Steamed Bao Recipe

Have I said it yet ' have I said Happy New Year!' I can't believe it's 2016 ' insane! If I haven't, let me take this chance to wish you a happy and healthy new year; I hope it brings you everything your heart desires. So far 2016 has seemed extra busy and just a little bit chilly. We've had a little bit of snow, which is super exciting around these parts. Mike and I have been making an effort to walk around our little neighborhood because it looks like a winter wonderland with frozen tree branches and dripping icicles.

Whenever we go on a walk, we inevitably pass by people and I have this instinctual urge to'wave at random people. I do it all the time when I see someone waving in my direction. It's an automatic gesture for me. Wave at me and I'll wave back, if I know you or not. It's led to some comic situations, whereupon after waving, the person will give me a confused look. I'll look around, realize that they're waving at someone behind or beside me and my face will turn a colorful shade of beet-red.

The reason I do it is because I've waved at people before (people I know) only to have them not wave back. I always feel like an idiot. I suspect that these people that don't wave back at me are a little too cool for school. Or maybe they have bad eyesight' Maybe they'd wave if they knew that waving could lead to an invite to eat these chashu pork buns'

I used the slow-braised chashu from'this post'and tucked them into fluffy white buns made from'this recipe. I'm kind of sort of obsessed with folded over Chinese steamed buns. Actually, I'm kind of sort of obsessed with all steamed buns. There are so many delicious ones out there, but the fold over guys are perfect I think because they're kind of a like a steamed bun taco and you can basically stuff them with anything and they taste delicious.

The recipe for the steamed buns is pretty straight forward. Like most bread recipes, it's time consuming because of the rise time, but if you're patient, you'll be rewarded with light and fluffy buns that are perfect for filling. And if you have leftover'chashu'in the fridge, you're golden. Or you could stuff'them with'bacon and eggs,'fried chicken, or'banh mi fillings' Really, the possibilities are endless. In fact, I'm wishing I doubled the recipe'so I could have had'extra frozen buns in case of a bun-mergency. Next time for sure!

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Carrot Cake Cream Cheese Pudding Pops Recipe

There's a very popular ice cream shop here in town that I felt never really lived up to the hype. There would be lines out the door, but the one time I tried something, it was icy and bland. After that I swore, never again. But then, they opened up a second location and Mike and I would walk by almost everyday. One sunny day, when there was magically no line, we popped in to take a look at the flavors. Carrot cake immediately called out to me. I mean,'I love carrot cake. I had a taste, was sold, and was the happy new owner of a very addictive'waffle cone full of creamy ice cream with fluffy chunks of carrot cake and cream cheese icing. It was so good that I was sad when it was over.

Because, the truth is, it was over for good. I've been back so many times looking for carrot cake, but they never have it!' Mike and I would peek through the windows, not see it on the flavor boards, and just go on with our walk. Finally, we went in to ask when they were going to bring it back.

Me:'Do you know when you're going to bring back carrot cake'
Ice Cream Girl:'Oh. Um, unknown.
Me'(with obvious dismay):'UNKNOWN!'
Ice Cream Girl:'It was a trial flavor so we don't know if they'll every bring it back
Me:'silent tears

Anyway, long story short, this is why I made these carrot cake'cream cheese pudding pops. Because I needed to drown my sorrows. And also because it's popsicle week! The week where the internet explodes with frozen treats, thanks to Billy, over at Wit and Vinegar.'Click on'over to see who else is participating.

And, if you're looking for more pudding pops, check these guys out, because we had a little pudding pop party:

frozen treats for everyone!
xoxo steph

PS ' As I was writing this, I just checked their Insta geotag and it looks like they have carrot cake right now!' Unless someone did a latergram' The suspense is killing me. Gotta go, gotta get ice cream!!! Update: they didn't have the ice cream.'TEARS.
PPS ' If you wanna see past popsicle week posts, check them out'here,'here, and'here.
PPPS ' Shout out to'Mandy from Lady and Pups'for sourcing these popsicle molds for me :) Thanks Mandy! You can find similar ones'here!

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